Somos+ Logo Usage

Somos+ logo identifies our Organization, and it is a registered trademark. Somos+ active members are encouraged to display the logo on their website, social networks, and in printed materials. It should never be used to promote independent activities or content that is not aligned with the spirit of the Organization and the Foundations and Principles document (Bases y Principios).

Somos+ authorizes the use of the logo for sales and merchandising purposes under the following conditions: the site or store should clearly state that Somos+ is not the owner or seller, letting clear that this is an independent business. That disclaimer should be visible on all pages where the logo is present. If the purpose of the store is donating part of the sales to the Organization, the disclaimer can be replaced by an indication of the percent or money that would be given to Somos+ (ex: item x would donate $1.00 to Somos+).

We reserve the right to request business or individuals to stop using our logo.  

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